Written: January 6, 2021

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As I look at the current events, I am reminded of how Moses and Israel faced their enemies in battle; the giants known as the Amalekites. Moses stood at the top of the hill with the rod of GOD in His hand. As long as Moses held up his hands, Israel would prevail. Yet, whenever he became tired, he lowered his hands, and the enemies would advance. Aaron and Hur arrived to support Moses by holding up his hands, one on the left, the other on the right. As long as Aaron and Hur worked in unison, holding up Moses’s hands, the nation of Israel would win. The battle against the giants raged the entire day, yet Aaron and Hur remained steady. The nation’s final victory occurred at sundown. Moses had battled the enemy with powerful supernatural weapons, while Joshua defeated the enemy and his army using swords.

Ecclesia, like Moses and Israel, we too, are facing giants in the battle for our nation. If we become weary, concede, and stop praying, the enemy triumphs. Let us stand at the mountaintop with the rod of GOD’s authority in our hand and His Word in our mouth. As we come together in the Spirit of unity in this hour, holding up our hands through prayer for this great nation, we defeat the giants and prevail in battle. This battle has been raging, yet we must remain steady. Our nation’s final victory will take place at sundown as we defeat the enemy and his army in prayer and the sword, which is the Word of GOD.

In His service,

Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb


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