Written: August 5, 2021

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In the face of persecution, Jesus set His face like flint.

A man on a mission, He was intentional, determined, resolute, and disciplined. He was determined to fulfill His purpose until the day He could cry out: “It is finished!” All this, born of love for us!

Isaiah 50:1-10; John 17:4; John 19:30; & 2 Timothy 3:12


Abba, reveal and help us, Your children, to recognize our individual call, purpose, and potential in Christ Jesus. I pray that we too may set our faces like flint as Jesus did. That we would know that we are men and women on a mission from GOD. Assist us in fulfilling Your mission for our lives with intentionality, resoluteness, and discipline.

May we be determined to fulfill our GOD-given purposes until the day we too can cry out: “It is finished!”

All this, born of our love for Him, our Heavenly Father!

Inspired by Holy Spirit, written by Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb

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