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Blessings to you and Welcome to my PropheticVoice Blog.

I am so excited about the launching of our new blog at Seed Of Nations International Centre. Although the blog is new, writing devotionals is what I have been doing for years. GOD and many of you have encouraged me to put my devotionals on a blog. So here we are! Thank you, Abba; thank you all!

The PropheticVoice blog will feature various posts that will both challenge and encourage you to not only continue walking in your potential but to also inspire you to forge ahead in His service, reaching greater heights and richer depths in our King.

My suggestion is that you read these devotionals several times in order to meditate on GOD’s PropheticVoice.

As we journey together, my desire is that we connect and stay connected to the Spirit of GOD. I am confident that you will leave this blog encouraged knowing that you encountered GOD’s PropheticVoice for your life’s call and purpose!

Thank you for all you do in service to our King.

Apostle Evelyn