Written: December 6, 2020

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This is what The Spirit of the LORD is saying:

This moment is one of My Glory.

People in the Church believe that it is the hour of My arrival, to begin taking up My Bride, yet the time is not now. Many say, “Come Lord Jesus.” They take a step back thinking this is a time to relax and rest, waiting for My second coming. While the hour of My second coming draws near, it is not now.

What is happening is an attempt by man to usher in a global reset, but it is premature. The time for man’s reset is not yet here. Even the Church, through this type of thinking and confession, comes into agreement with man’s global reset. I repeat, this is not that time, for I have a people who have not yet heard about Me, and I will not come until they have been given the opportunity to hear of Me.

The Church’s mind is being reset into that of an Ecclesia, My Remnant. They discern,  recognize, and understand that I am coming in all My glory, in this season, hour, and era.

It is My reset that you are experiencing, and I will violently cast out man’s attempt at a reset. You will see the earth begin to tremble, shake, and quake as I cast it down. I am raising My people and remnant in this hour. My servants must go throughout the world, calling those invited to My Banquet. I will not allow man’s untimely reset to occur on the face of the earth. I am a Just and Fair GOD. I will not allow things to unfold until all those slated for My Kingdom hear My Word.

There is the global awakening coming upon the Ecclesia so that it may govern earthly affairs and government. In My wisdom and counsel, she will guide nations, kings, queens, prime ministers, presidents, and tribal leaders. It is time for the Apostles and the Prophets, as well as the Ecclesia, to arise. Throughout the years, there has been quite a bit of talk surrounding the Church [which is not being done away with], Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers; and not as much has been centered around the Ecclesia, Apostles, and Prophets. But I am raising My army, an Apostolic, Prophetic, Ecclesiastical Remnant, in this hour. They are My Army, and I am LORD Sabaoth, The LORD of Hosts. I will lead this apostolic, prophetic, ecclesiastical remnant and show My glory in a way previously not seen. My glory will be revealed, not only at the national level but also at a global level. The world will know and see that I am GOD. I am alive and still seated on the throne.

I am about to change things around here as I have set up a snare for the enemy and those who follow him. I am letting them say what they will and do what they will because when I get ready and show Myself on the scene, they will be exposed, embarrassed, ashamed, and crushed. I see their mocking. I know what they say about Me. I see how they talk about Me as if I did not exist, as if I could not hear. But I am letting it gather and collect because as it gathers and collects, I will bring it down with that same ferocity. As I threw the enemy out of heaven with such force that it caused a clash on the planet, you will see Me cast this insolence and wickedness down with that same ferocity and intensity.

Recognize and acknowledge how plenteous the harvest is. I must release My Remnant, My Ecclesia, who discern that this is the time of the Ingathering. It is time also to govern nations and their affairs, just as I did with Joseph when he counseled Pharaoh. I am awakening and raising the Ecclesia along with My five-fold government to function the way I intended, that the nations may be redirected back to Me. This is the season that the Ecclesia is stepping into.

The time is close. I say this not to discourage you or for you to pull or sit back. I AM letting you know that the time is close so that you work more fervently than in times past. Even My young people will take this message to those that need it, and they will do it at warp speed.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

In His service,

Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb

SCRIPTURES FOR MEDITATION: Genesis 11:1-9; Acts 16:25-26; Mark 16:14-15; Mark 13:9, ESV; Matthew 22:3; Isaiah 14:12; Exodus 23:16

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