Written: November 28, 2020

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Here is a Prophetic Word:

What is occurring right now, in part, is about the church. It is a period of testing and purifying so that the church may come into its position, place, and authority as never before. It is for the church to arise as an Ecclesia; step into and take her role as the legal governing body I have called her to be. Now is the time for its fulfillment. Step into a greater dimension of faith by pressing in through prayer and intercession; do not give up, doubt, or concede; move forward. Do not be taken in by what you see or hear. Focus! Focus on Me. As you center your attention on Me, you will be able to see, with greater clarity, what I will show you. Do not avert your eyes from Me; it impedes your ability to see beyond, into the spirit realm, My third heaven. How can you see solely functioning from a first heaven perspective? Have you forgotten where I have called you to be seated? Do not harden your heart, allowing false prophets to deceive you. How often must I remind you, O you of little faith? The hour has not yet come, although events are in motion. Do not be deceived.

Remember, these are the false prophets I warned you about. I AM He the great I AM. I AM He you call Jehovah. Hear what I, Jehovah, say in this hour: Do not listen to the words of the false prophets who prophesy to you by mouth and ink. They cause you to believe things that are not true, words that are not from My heart. These false prophets are attempting to release false hope and hopelessness to discourage My people who are My voice in the land; you are My people. These wicked prophets continue speaking to those who despise Me, those of stubborn hearts, and persons who also have doubtful hearts. They are afraid of what I will expose. You see, they paint pictures from their minds and hearts. Ignore them; the words they speak are not My words from My mouth.

These have not stood in My Council Room, neither can they. You, My called ones, sit in My Council Room and have My counsel. Do not allow My counsel to be tainted with doubt, hopelessness, despair, or lack of faith brought on through their lies. I say to you; this is not the hour for those things; believe and understand, you have My Spirit and can hear My counsel.

I did not send them, but they ran nonetheless and did so with a lying spirit. I have not prophesied to them, yet they presumed to prophesy of Me. I have not prophesied to them but about them. I have heard what these prophets have said who prophesy lying visions. They are prophets of deceit bearing false witness. Again, it comes from their heart, NOT Mine.

My seal is on you, to speak My words faithfully; My words are fire. It is about My people; you are My people, called by My name. Humble yourself, pray, seek My face, continue to turn, and turn from your evil ways; I hear from heaven and forgive sins. I will heal your land. Trust Me to hear and heal. My ears are attentive to your heart!

In His service,

Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb

SCRIPTURES FOR MEDITATION: Matthew 24:11; Jeremiah 14:14; 1 John 4:1; Jeremiah 23:16

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