Written: October 8, 2020

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When we look at the nation of Israel during Joshua’s time, we learn that wandering was part of their Jewish DNA for hundreds of years. There was no place for Israel to belong until GOD reminded them of His promise to Abraham, sending both Moses and Joshua to fulfill it.

Maybe you have been wandering from one place to another in search of where you belong or fit in. The same GOD that reminded the Israelites of His promise to Abraham is the same Father reminding you of His promise, that what He started in you, He will fulfill.

Perhaps you have developed a slave and wanderer mentality. Are you predicating your decisions on these two factors: slavery and wandering? The first will keep you under the rule of an oppressor; a wicked and cruel taskmaster. The second will keep you going from place to place with no purpose or direction, remaining in an ordinary state, enslaved, and oppressed. You may find it difficult to escape this type of thinking, because as soon as you take those steps your mind begins wandering again, preventing you from finishing what you started. However, if you align with GOD and trust Him, forsaking the world’s way of viewing and doing things, He will begin the process of setting you free from that thinking so that you no longer roam as if you do not belong.

Do not resist Him! Submit and surrender to His prophetic words. He will deliver you from the taskmaster, free you from bondage, and establish you so that you no longer go about aimlessly. He will empower you to see, hear, and understand that you are not ordinary but extraordinary. Arise to break free from the shackles of your past.

In the series I have been teaching, titled Phase 9 Crossover-A Blueprint For Change, GOD has been speaking about doing a transformative work. We have discussed the signs of wandering, and He is bringing His own to a place where they will no longer wander, just as He did for Israel. Believe it and receive it in the name of Jesus! This series has been about opening spiritual eyes and ears so that you do not settle for slavery, wandering, the ordinary, or the status quo.

This series is about trusting GOD for your needs, provisions, growth, and freedom from bondage to sin and the enemy. It is for you to walk into your promises to complete GOD’s purpose in bringing heaven to earth and sharing the Good News. In this manner, you glorify GOD with your life and in all that you do. It does not mean that you will not face giants or “ites” in the land. It means that when you do, you can trust Him. He is with you causing you to be successful and victorious so that you may fulfill your destiny.

For those of you who truly align with GOD in this new era, forsaking what He is asking you to renounce, He will reveal the enemy’s battle plans and give you spiritual strategies to overcome them, obtaining victory in the process. He will use you for His glory, causing your righteousness to shine like the noonday sun, so that others will see and follow Him, thus bringing Him glory as well.

Others will see and desire this GODLY way of living. When you align with the LORD, He will endow you with His GODLY influence, causing you to have a greater impact on others. Arise during this time, day, and hour. You were born for this. You are called and destined to do great things for such a time as this!

SCRIPTURES FOR MEDITATION: Philippians 1:6; Joshua 3:1; 1 Chronicles 16:20; Galatians 5:1; Joshua 3:10; James 4:7

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In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb

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