Written: October 8, 2020

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One of the things I noticed in the third chapter of the book of Joshua, was how he rose early in the morning to lead the nation of Israel to the banks of the Jordan River. Upon their arrival, they lodged for three days before crossing the flooded river.

Joshua was facing a great challenge requiring great faith and rather than delaying it, he got an early start. My friend, change is not easy. In fact, it is difficult, yet a vital part of our lives. I have learned that the greater the challenge or change, greater the faith required. If we are to fulfill all that GOD has destined for us, change is crucial; it builds character, strengthens, and brings out our potential. We should not be complacent with our current spiritual condition or situation, instead, we press in so that our potential in GOD pours out like wine.

Remaining in a comfortable and complacent position causes one to live with a false sense of security. Oftentimes, we find it is easier to remain in our comfort zone on this side of the river. Maybe you have heard familiar whisperings: “I know what I have here; how it functions; it’s comfortable; it’s familiar, and I know what I need to do.” Staying on this side of the Jordan River will not stretch or challenge you to grow, rather, you remain in the status quo system. GOD is calling you to cross over into the unknown future on the other side of the river.

Your Heavenly Father does not want you maintaining a status quo attitude; you are designed to be extraordinary and do the unusual. He challenges your thinking and the way things are now in your life, solely because He knows your potential for the extraordinary since He placed it within you before you were born! Many have bought into the lies from the enemy and those he has used in the past or currently uses in your life to make you believe that you are ordinary. However, you are exceptional because GOD is extraordinary and has placed greatness within you!

SCRIPTURES FOR MEDITATION: Joshua 3:1; 2 Corinthians 5:17

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In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb

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