Written: September 18, 2020

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The LORD has brought you to a valley, filled with old and dry bones. Some of the bones are scattered, others are dry, others are in hiding during this time [COVID-19]. His Spirit is filling these old and dry bones.

As GOD speaks to those bones, He brings them out and into a new place in Him and on the Earth. He is breathing the breath of revival into the dry and scattered bones. You will live and speak His Word with a fresh anointing and greater glory.

GOD has a mighty army, and it is standing up as He is calling it to arise and take up its rightful position. He is gathering His own into one, unifying His people into one nation in His Son. This is the army He is raising for this era, His Kingdom era.

The LORD is also dealing with the old guard at the following levels:

  • Government
  • Cities
  • Communities
  • Churches

He is removing the old guard to set up His own. He is positioning you for advancement and fulfillment of purpose, true purpose. As His people, you will move forward through the gate of breakthrough in this era, moving beyond the waters of impossibilities. He will deliver you from your strong enemy and hold you steady. He is enlarging your capacity for greater anointing, blessings, territories, assignments, and tents, causing you to expand to the left and right. Do not fear! You will not be ashamed; neither will you be disgraced.

The LORD will cause you to overflow with abundance for every good work, and you will be abundantly enriched. In this season, He will provide in a manner that you have not seen previously. GOD is providing richly and abundantly; there is plenty of bread on the table. The provision is for you to fulfill and complete your call, purpose, and destiny in Him.

In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn L. Cobb

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