Written: May 12, 2020

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Back in March, during one of my study times, I discerned that we entered a time of Reposition and Reset in preparation for a crossover. As a result, I taught on this topic. 

For a Reposition and Reset to take place, we first need to conduct a Spiritual Census of our lives. The purpose of this Census is to take a count so that we may reflect on what is unproductive in our lives, what we need to crossover successfully to the next level, and the gifts GOD has granted us so that we may fulfill our purpose in life. 

I believe that history not only repeats itself but also plays a crucial role in our understanding of current events and reveals what worked, along with what did not. For this reason, I taught on the Spiritual Census so we could gain a greater understanding of what was involved.

In the teaching on the Spiritual Census, we looked at the nation of Israel in Biblical history and its similarity to what we are experiencing today. Biblical history shows us how right before a great move of GOD, an earthquake would take place, followed by shaking and shifting, which would affect foundations. I liken this shaking and shifting to the aftershocks that take place following a natural earthquake. This Spiritual Census will cause a change in position, structures, values, beliefs, and foundations. This shifting takes place that we may reposition and reset as a vital component in our preparation to crossover!  

In life, we tend to lose sight of our goals due to unforeseen circumstances, situations, and setbacks. When we forget about our dreams or lose sight of our goals, it usually means that we shifted [there goes that word again], our focus from the future, and began setting our eyes on trials, tribulations, and the past. We forget that looking back or dwelling on what appears hopeless can be counterproductive, even paralyzing. 

If we allow a paradigm shift to take place, it will cause us to view these unforeseen circumstances, situations, and setbacks as opportunities for development and spiritual growth, which lead to advancement. When we partner with GOD, He helps reposition our sights and reset our course in alignment with His timetable. So often, we don’t want to hear this, but it is true. We don’t do it without Him or have Him do all the work; it is a partnership, each one responsible for their piece.

When we maintain our focus on what lies ahead, we achieve the things that GOD has for us to achieve. In other words, we run the race of life well, with the prize ever before us. Anything less than this blurs our vision, and a blurred vision leads to a lack of commitment and passion, leaving us unfulfilled. Focusing on GOD and remaining with Him enables us to conduct a Spiritual Census resulting in a reset. In this fashion, we are empowered to leave the past behind and continue in the race, permitting us to stay on track that we may crossover into a greater flow of His Spirit!

Philippians 3:12-16

In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn

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