Written: April 16, 2020

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You have been dwelling with Me in My Tabernacle; it has not only been a place of sheltering but one of My Presence as well.

I have called you into a time of separation to enter the Holy of Holies. I am strengthening My witness and character in you through the separation and will continue doing so in the days to come. You will know that what I have placed in you is Mine, and you will guard it.

The Passover is now complete. The wilderness that you have found yourself in is temporary. It was not designed to be your final destination. In the desert, you knew Me as Jehovah Jireh, your Provider. I will continue providing for you in the days ahead. I am the One who empowers you to move through the wilderness, not you, not a man and not the government. I bring you through to bring you out. As I promised, at this stage of the virus you are turning the corner. In the next phase, I am conducting a spiritual census. Subsequently, I will cause you to cross over, and from there, I will continue to prepare you for the battles that await.

Be watchful during these days of Pentecost, and as you begin moving through them, know that I AM with you, leading the way. I will further develop My qualities within you and My Ecclesia, preparing a Kingdom-minded people. You will see Me move in great and mighty acts you have not seen before. Yet in the midst of all this, you will be tempted to revert to pre-virus days and ways; you will be tempted to do things your way, and some will even resist Me.

Surrender to Me, and I will direct your steps. Submit to Me, and I will help you resist the enemy, his temptations, schemes, and tactics. Have confidence in Me, for My ways are true; My plans are good. I know what I am doing. I will take care of you and not abandon you. I am the Father who provides you a hope and future.

Allow My divine census to be taken, so that you do not overestimate or underestimate your strength for the battle. I will lead you to ensure your success.

In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn

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