Written: April 24, 2020


What the Spirit of the LORD is saying in this hour:

Some have been heavy with sleep, and others have been sleeping. A shaking has come to bring rest and awakening. I am causing a long-overdue rest to come upon the people, nations, ground, planet, airways, vegetation, water creatures, and fowls.

A revival is sparking throughout the land, over My people and the nations of the earth. I am drawing the Ecclesia closer to Me, transforming perspectives, mindsets, views, appearances, hearing, old ways of doing things, and spiritual states. Your identity, purpose, assignment, authority, and responsibility are being awakened with the ultimate goal to realign you with Me. Walk in the fulfillment of My purposes and the plan I have ordained for you.

People and nations are awakening to My majesty. My power is being manifested through My glory and supernatural moves. A new and sudden awareness of Me and My existence is reviving My people’s first love; their minds, dreams, hopes, loss of strength, even economies, My economy, not man’s. As I reorganize and reposition, I am resetting foundations as well as political structures. Enough is enough!

Watch the month of June; it is crucial as I bring change. A new order is being established, My order. A fresh wind of My Spirit will blow, redirecting courses as it brings new direction. Yes, the wind of My Spirit ushers in My glory as My Spirit is poured out like new wine.

Ask Me, and I will order your steps, to reposition and reset you as I have prophesied. Arise and embrace My Spirit, what I am doing, and the new direction that will synchronize your steps with My plans and strategies. I am He who orders your steps and delight in your ways of following and serving.

Watch for patterns, weather systems, vegetation, and animals as they echo My glory in the times ahead. Trust Me and rest. Wait patiently for Me, your strength in times of trouble. I am the LORD who helps and delivers you, only trust Me.

In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn

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