Written: April 16, 2020

Ark of the Covenant


I will cause My remnant to build altars on the face of the earth, tearing down altars of Baal, Ashteroth, and idolatry, along with those serving the spirit of Jezebel. Do not believe that Jezebel was solely an Old Testament queen, because I speak of this spirit in the book of Revelation; this spirit is still moving today.

I have strengthened My remnant with grace to endure many conflicts. There are those who will call them freaks, fanatics, liars, and even say they have gone overboard. However, I say: Not so, for I have ordained them to be bold and on fire.  

My remnant pays close attention when I lead and instruct them on where to build My altars. They understand that My altars are a point of power, and this power will be evident in their lives! They call upon My name and encounter My Presence, offering up sacrifices of praise and worship with their hearts and lives. In the midst of their pain, trials, tribulations, circumstances, situations, viruses, pestilence, and diseases, it will seem difficult. Yet, they offer them up to My altar as these things take place, recognizing the altar is birthed out of praise, prayer, and sacrificial worship.

The sacrifices of praise released by My remnant come up to Me as a sweet aroma. They shed tears for My people, even those who have given way to the world system. They recall the miracles, signs, and wonders I have performed in their lives as well as those I have wrought in both the Old and New Testaments, causing worship to well up from within. I know this worship is sacrificial!

David praised Me in the dark nights and seasons of his life. Just as I heard him, I also hear the praises of My remnant. Continue offering sacrifices of praise and worship to Me for at that moment, right where you stand, you are establishing My altar.”

Scriptures: Jeremiah 25:5-12; 2 Chronicle 26:22-23

In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn

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