Written: April 16, 2020

Ark of the Covenant


The children of Israel were held captive for 70 years, according to the Word of GOD to His prophet Jeremiah. GOD had instructed them not to follow after other gods, neither worship nor go after them. The Israelites disobeyed, provoking GOD to anger.

Here is what The Spirit of The LORD is saying in this hour:

“Numerous individuals have been held captive to a world system without realizing they were being held captive by this system. It’s crept into their lives, minds, and hearts. This system has influenced how they see, hear, and speak as the world, developing worldly ways. Worldly ways of thinking often cause battles of the mind to ensue. For this reason, many find themselves in a spiritual battle between the world system and that of GOD’s Kingdom.

“It is during these times that I Am building My altar through My remnant who is sold out to Me. They long to hear, see, and experience what I have written in My Word. People, even My children are saying that those times are long gone; that I don’t work like that today. I have other children who say those times are not long gone, those times are here and now. They trust Me, their GOD and believe My Word. They are confident that the miracles, signs, and wonders I have done and spoken of, in both the Old and New Testaments, are still for today.

It is the voice of the remnant you hear saying, ‘No, they have not ceased to exist. They are still for today because He’s the same yesterday in the Old Testament, He’s The same today in the New Testament, and He’s the same forever in the book of Revelation.’ My miracles, signs, and wonders have not come to an end. My remnant knows this and is praying into it. They identify with Me, cry out to Me, have forfeited worldly ways, and are Kingdom-minded.

Scriptures: Jeremiah 25:5-12; 2 Chronicle 26:22-23

In His Service,

Apostle Evelyn

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